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After a secret recipe for treatment of stone in the crypt, a Prince of the dynasty have been discovered during archaeological excavations in 1970, Artemisia is reborn as a therapy for diseases transmitted by mosquitoes remind Lai. A purified form of the plant is actually in fact now the drug of choice for treating malaria in many areas, in particular where the quinine-resistant have emerged, he said. Experience why runs Artemisia as agent of malaria control has led to testing as anti-cancer drug. The key turned out to be a common feature of the division of cancer cells and the malaria parasite: high concentrations of iron. Artemisia, or one of its derivatives, is the iron, creating a chemical reaction, spawning charged atoms, free radical called chemical products. Free radicals attack malaria and tying with the membranes of the cells to divide and kills only celled parasites. Cells need iron to replicate DNA when they share, Lai said. And since cancer is characterized by uncontrolled cell division, in a concentration of iron is cancer free book larger than normal and cancerous cells. On its surface, cancer cells have another called trasferrina, cellular pathways, iron for healthy cells be able to give. In the case of breast cancer, cells have trasferrina 5 to 15 times more on her breast cells surface normal, Lai said. The orientation of the strategy according to Lai, is to inflate the cancer cells with more iron and then enter Artemisia to kill them selectively. These series of experiences of the cells in mammary and breast normal undergo Lai or a connection, called Holotrasferrina, that binds to receptors for transferrin iron in the cells to carry and therefore more increases in the concentrations of iron; an Absinthe water soluble form; or a combination of the two compounds. The cells that showed only one of the connections exposed to any significant effect, said Lai. But the response of cancer cells during the impact with the first Holotrasferrina, Artemisia, considerably, he said. After eight hours, three district cancer cells were swept, 16 hours later, almost all of the tumor cells were dying. Equally important, says see more normal breast cells is not dead, the safety of the treatment. This success is particularly remarkable is the chest for the experiment, we used cells that were resistant to v added Lai. In other words, this approach could counteract cancer resistant to therapy. He hoped more aggressive tumors, as well as having acute pancreatic and rapid cell Division, and as a result, higher concentrations of iron, even sensitive. He said: in a separate study, the treatment of leukemia cells in the test tube, eight hours. According to Lai, the next step is, more animal testing, followed by trials in humans. At the beginning the patient could receive supplements, iron concentrations increases the cancer cells, he said, railroad and then would be given to the region in the form of a pill. While human trials are still years away, the treatment of cancer, particularly aggressive, that a boom could revolutionize is directed, if it lives up to its promises, he added. What is fascinating, is that nothing before China has been used for thousands of years, Lai said. We simply found another application. The application makes sense. There is a lot of research, the combination of iron and cancer: for example, one study showed that three times more tissue, malignant breast tissue can be iron extracted from Benin. Increased iron stores found in 88% of patients suffering from breast cancer. Given this common feature of cancer cells and malaria, because it has plenty of time to think about it? Lai said, that is a mystery; People conceive of ideas is not easy. Absinthe is available as a tablet or as a tincture (liquid). Dr. Hulda Clark ssa recommends the use of pests of tincture of Wormwood, approximately 20 drops to the treatment (day). You can also follow this treatment for the treatment of cancer, but also a frequency digital-Zapper, programmed to a specific frequency of cancer (see link to frequency for all frequencies of the cancer cells zap) digital models last ZAPPER (1) advanced frequency generator: zapping digital LCD model professional clinic (2): zapping digital megahertz: (the clinic is based on the model of Dominican Republic. Clark SSA) using single-frequency digital site Buildersono more powerful than the Zapper and Zapper classic digital art are described in detail on page 502 in the cure of all diseases. Digital LCD model or run a parasite zapper MHZ full frequency to 10 different agents pathogenic parasites, defined in certain ranges of frequency in the objective support. Good health, Dr. ssa Clark (2008),.